Sculpture and Video

Vision Pyramid, 2012 - 2013

Video composed in After Effects. Physical pyramid constructed from MDF, dimensions approximately 27" x 27" x 22". A single projector is mounted from above, and the image is mapped onto the object. Real time projection mapping done using the GEM extension of Pure Data. The video loops for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the speed of the computer. This project appeared at the 2013 Luminaria Festival in San Antonio, TX, as part of the Nimbus art installation by Santa Fe based artist collective Meow Wolf. This was a two-projector setup, from two different computers, creating two different images on the pyramid, from different points in the video sequence. An updated version of the piece also appeared as part of my BFA thesis show in 2013, as the center piece of an installation complete with tape drawings on the walls and a synthesized soundscape.

Sound Pyramids, 2012

Shown here is the test version of a projection-mapped sculpture which was featured in Outdoor Vision Fest 2012. Unfortunately no video exists of the final piece. The sculpture, seen in the initial photograph, was constructed from Bristol Board, and was around 2.5 ft wide. The video was composed in After Effects, animated to music arranged in GarageBand. I used Blender to aid in mapping to the physical object. This piece evolved into the similar piece which can be seen in the last Pyramid video, which used Pure Data for sequencing the music, generating the audio, and animating and mapping the projection. This allowed for realtime interaction with the video projection via a MIDI controller, such as a keyboard.